The psychology behind order

When it comes to organizing the house, there is a tendency for much discussion of the need to free oneself from the past and from things that no longer suit our lifestyle.  For example, many of the things we keep and keep throughout our lives are actually linked to the future:  promises to ourselves we haven't yet fulfilled, things we suspect we might need, putting things off until we have free time to complete projects or change our lifestyles.  Fear of the future accumulates and grows heavy on us, adding to tension and creating a "freezing" effect.  We should feel light as we run towards the future, and believe that we can satisfy our needs when they arise.  Here is where Ba-Li Seder comes into the picture.  With a guiding and supportive hand, I study your needs and desires, and plan the appropriate and desired steps for you  to put your home, room or office in perfect order.  I ask specific questions to help you dream and dare, and assist you in making your dream become reality.  All of the logistical work identified with organizing a home is easily performed for you and I will accompany you, do for you and suggest solutions that you may not have thought of before.  Together, organizing the house doesn't have to be a threatening, endless task, but can become a focused and efficient effort that enables you the space and pleasant feeling for doing what you REALLY love to do…


Organizing clothes and shoes

How many times have you felt like you're wearing the same ten or fifteen items of clothing, yet you have no room in your closet for new items?  How many times have you discovered a pair of shoes that were pushed to the back of the cupboard, and grown angry to see them damaged by dust, stains, dirt or insects?

Sorting and arranging your clothes and shoes will help you to care for your things and lengthen their use and their lifetimes.  Proper storage protects your clothes, shoes and fashion accessories from pests and insects, moisture, dust and wearing out.  More than that:  creating an organized, designated space for each item will ensure that you can always see what there is, with easy, convenient access to the things you want.

The ideal service for those interested in organizing their cupboards and closets, to rediscover forgotten and loved items, to sort and select only what is truly important and well-preserved, to make space for new needs and items, etc.  Items you don't want that are still in good condition can be donated to charity.


Organizing kitchen cupboards

Organizing your kitchen cupboards can seem like a threatening task, as a lot of us use these cupboards to store tons of stuff, only some of which are directly related to our daily kitchen activities.  The big question in this task is where to store the items we randomly put in our kitchen cupboards?

Organization of your kitchen cupboards is a multi-system arrangement that often requires organizing satellite rooms, like the laundry room or workroom.  In addition, smart organizational solutions and a guiding hand can make it very easy to turn your kitchen into a pleasant, central home space, where every item is in its place and accessible in a moment.  You'll WANT to spend time in your kitchen!

With Ba-Li Seder, organization of your kitchen cupboards to suit your lifestyle can bring out the emphases that are important to you.  In addition, smart organizational tools ensure that your kitchen is not just organized but also protected and safe – ideal for families with young children, for the elderly or people with special needs.


Organizing the Pantry

Dry foods, spices, cereal boxes, canned foods, jars, disposable dishes and paper plates, tools for the grill, a wedding gift you haven't opened yet, a tea service you inherited, extra clothespins, cleaning sponges, a cake stand, machine oils and a picnic cooler…do you really know everything that's in your pantry?

The pantry is usually one of the more neglected spaces in our homes, because we usually stuff anything into it that doesn't have a designated place for it.  The problem with this "catch-all" space is that it can attract insects and bugs, and improper storage leads to leaks and dirt that may damage the cupboards or shelves.

Ba-Li Seder will organize the appropriate pantry for you, where all items are sorted and set up by categories and accessible when needed.  With the proper storage, food stays fresh and safe for eating, and you know at any given moment what you have, what is missing and where everything is.

Organizing the laundry room

Sisyphus rolled a heavy boulder up a mountain, only to lose his grip and watch the boulder roll down to the bottom, again and again and again.  Doing laundry can seem like an endless, Sisyphean task, particularly in families with many children.  However, this is usually the sign of a laundry room that isn't organized as it should be, or of the resources dedicated to the task not being efficient enough.

With Ba-Li Seder, you can organize a special corner in your home and keep everything you need there, including smart gadgets and tools for hanging and drying clothes that will make ironing and distributing the clothes to their various rooms much easier.  An organized laundry room contains all you need to complete the task swiftly and easily, without having to hunt for dirty clothes all over the house, or search the house for hangers, or having to drag heavy ironing boards around, or having to think about where to place dry clothes before and after ironing.

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