Ba-Li Seder serves as a guiding hand, asking all the desired questions before the move, assisting in the actual packing as well.  The packing process considers your defined objectives in advance, eg. the desire to cut down on papers or collections, as well as considering the character of the new home.

Ba-Li Seder provides all the necessary tools needed, including boxers, markers and glue.  The packing takes place room by room, where each room will contain only the most important items for daily use until moving day.  The night before the move, these can be easily packed in the last box that is set aside for this.

Other essential items – for example, an electric coffeemaker and some cups, water bottles, snacks, wet wipes, towels, hand soap, small plants, sentimental and fragile items, etc. – are packed on moving day for immediate unpacking at the new destination.

Our cooperation will make it easier for you to perform the thinking and packing process, and you can be sure that the things that are most important to you are well-protected and ready to find their place in your new home.

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